Saturday 20 December 2014

SkyPlay Pavilion

This is our entry for the Arch Triumph Sky Pavilion 2015. The site is the gardens outside the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. The entry draws inspiration from the work we did at Architecture for Kids. It is an architectural play set, scaled up to a giant scale. The coloured perspex components play with the daylight to create an active and ever changing environment: The sky brought to ground level. Potentially some neat lighting effects can be achieved at night too. 

The perspex people are for scale, not part of the actual proposals.  The idea was to eliminate the reliance on CG images which dominates presentations.  The line drawings are kept simple too, with the intention of trying to sell the proposals with the model alone - the model being a faithful representation of the finished article: materials and construction methods the same, the only difference being scale.
Competition winners can be seen at Arch Triumph.

Also a couple of details here to show how the light can work through the material and geometry:

Laser cut perspex by Unit 22 Model Makers
Photographs by Corin Ashleigh-Brown 

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