Monday 19 September 2016

What's at the Bottom of the Garden?

If you are lucky enough to have a garden in London, one recurring question seems to be what can we create at the end?  Its often the place where little grows and is seldom used as a result.  DesignBox has recently completed a garden refurbishment for a family in South London to meet this challenge.  

A collection of distinct spaces was requested for the family to enjoy, including an artist's studio, a shaded seating area and a putting green.  The studio and a timber pergola identify the key areas and open the invitation to visit the end of the garden.  New lines of planting with lighting, including lolly-pop trees flank the garden and animate the route to the end.

The linear arrangements between the spaces allow each to relate to the next and create a connection.  The artist's studio also offers some separation so it can become a retreat from the outside world and a place for concentrated study.  Privacy from surrounding gardens is provided with hardwood trellis to the perimeter garden wall and the shady canopy of the existing mature trees.  Storage units enable the garden to remain tidy and un-cluttered.

The studio and pergola provide a connection between study and relaxation, between indoor space and the external garden.  By contrast to the dark shingles of the studio's exterior, the inside has been made as light as possible.  A window seat and desk are placed either side of the space.  Translucent roof panels diffuse the natural light entering the studio, to help create the artistic environment.  As a result, the interior appears brighter than the outside.

The light makes the space inside feel more like Southern Europe than South London.  The desk offers a place to study without distraction while the window seat gives a picture frame view on to the garden.

Looking in to the garden from the house should now present a tantalising invitation to encourage the family to go out, experience with the garden and enjoy the fun spaces  located at the end. 

Garden installation by the Garden Builders
Photographs by Corin Ashleigh Brown

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