Saturday 14 March 2020

Working From Home

Now is the time to develop our abilities to work remotely 
with online applications for communication, conference calls,
interactive white boards, document sharing and editing, etc.
Platforms include Zoom, DropBox, MS Whiteboard, Skype, 
Go To Meeting, Adobe Connect, WhatsApp, Google Classroom, 
and others.

The outbreak of Covid-19 is obviously very concerning for everyone.  It has presented the necessity for some of us to work from home and this brings to light important opportunities on how we might develop future working methods to enable us to work successfully, without the need of a desk in an office.  Communication and the productive management of  our work-loads can increasingly be handled remotely with a selection of developing internet-based applications, which might become the way more of us work in the future.

Internet-based phone calls, video conference calls, webinars, document sharing and editing, interactive whiteboards and VR access to events and remote locations are becoming more commonplace, allowing us to communicate, be productive, and attend events, meetings and site visits without travelling.  It seems the USA is leading the way with this, but as the technologies take hold it might ultimately become the next revolution in our work place.

One strategy in innovation is to ask what if the opposite were possible.  We currently live in a society with the precept that a business needs an office.  The idea that we don’t need to be stationed at a specific desk, or even that a business does not need an office, might not only enable us to work from home or our favourite coffee shop, but break down current geographic, time-zone and language restrictions, allowing the businesses themselves to develop on many different levels.

It might seem to promise a more utopian work / life balance, but the technology will no doubt ensure that we can never be too far beyond the reach of our bosses, even if you do relocate to a neighbouring continent, but at least the choice of coffee should be better.

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