Thursday 4 June 2020

A Window to the Future (in a nutshell)

I asked my son for a list of things he had seen on the internet which interested him.  It was partly to get an understanding of what makes him 'tick' now that he is 16 and shaping his own views of the world.  It was also because the interests and values held collectively by our next generation of adults will shape the future of our business and industries.

This is the response below with his notes:  A set of nine youtube clips mostly about technology, economics, health and the future of our nations. 

How we can harvest the energy of the sun on a galactic scale and push onto the next level of civilisation:

How we can use the energy of the sun and move the whole solar system in any direction:

In-depth explanation of the recent pandemic:

How we could utilise this as antibiotics become obsolete:

Infusing glass with uranium to create luminescence: 

How we could turn a black hole into a bomb hahahaha:

Information on the EU:

The moral discussion of whether to allow robots to have rights as humans:

Where valuable minerals are created and the conditions needed:

It addresses an ambitious set of ideas which reflect the areas of technology we are entering in to now, including GRAIN (genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nano-technology) supported by Tier-0 technologies, and beyond with astrophysics and energy creation.

I thought it was a neat little exercise and might prove valuable as a wider student study to form a perspective on the valued held by our younger generation and what the world might be like in the future.

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